Say hello to that dreaded word... Burpees. Whenever I'm in a gym class or with a PT and get told to drop and do burpees, my legs start to feel weak, my heart pounds and my mouth goes dry, but I still manage to find it in me to burst them out. Kayla Itsines swears by them … Continue reading Burpees

The Fitbit

It's September! If someone could please tell me where the year has gone that would be great! I've done plenty of posts about how much I love fitness; give me anything to do with fitness and I'm yours! I love nothing more than testing out all of the latest fitness gadgets, and with my Polar Watch going … Continue reading The Fitbit

Keeping Fit on Holiday

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I'm the first to agree that holidays are a time for enjoying yourself, relaxing, and perhaps indulging a little more than normal, but indulge too much and you could be coming back it's more than just a suntan, but a few extra pounds instead. This is easily done because how can … Continue reading Keeping Fit on Holiday

Sunday Runday

Happy Sunday! It's been another busy weekend, and what better way to get going on a Sunday than to lace up those trainers and pound the pavements? Running really is one of the best ways to get your body started for the day ahead, or to unwind after a busy day, and aside from the … Continue reading Sunday Runday

Hula Hoop

Blasting belly fat isn't easy, and there's only so long that you can hold a plank for, and only so many dozen sit ups before you're burnt out. In my eyes, the truth to toning up is to keep switching up your workouts. If you do too much of one thing, you end up becoming … Continue reading Hula Hoop


It's Monday morning, so what better way to get motivated than with a little bit of fitspiration to start the week? Keeping motivated during a fitness journey is key, and it can be a bit of a struggle to keep up that motivation. It's so disheartening to work your butt off in the gym and … Continue reading Fitspiration

Protein World

When you're greeted with a delivery in the form of a big yellow box, you know it's going to be a good day. With so many brands of protein shakes on the market at the moment, it's difficult to know which one to buy. Protein aids the body by providing the needed growth and development … Continue reading Protein World

Drink PINK

I love this Victoria Secret PINK water bottle and take it absolutely everywhere with me, and I know that each time I finish one of these, it means that I’ve drunk a whole litre of water. Victoria Secret PINK do the nicest gym gear and gym accessories, and seeing as I love pink, this bottle was … Continue reading Drink PINK

Penn 7

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there, but also thinking of those who are no longer with us today. My Dad loves running, and if he goes a week without running a couple of 10 milers, it's abnormal for him. As it's Father's Day and I'm a fitness fanatic, I agreed to … Continue reading Penn 7

Treat Yourself

When sticking to a strict fitness regime, remembering to treat yourself every now and again can be tricky. Whether this is indulging in a cheat meal every now and again, or treating yourself to new clothes, be kind to yourself and give yourself a reward every now and again. Think of it as a pat … Continue reading Treat Yourself

My Top Workout Songs

That moment when you pull up at the gym and realise you've forgotten your headphones is the end of the world right? When it comes to working out, I just can't do it without music, and will always have a playlist full of energetic songs to get me motivated, because there's nothing worse than picking up … Continue reading My Top Workout Songs

Polar Watch

There's nothing worse than getting into a hardcore workout and not knowing how many calories you've burned. Sure, the cardio machines have built in calorie counters, but unless you can enter your exact weight/height/age/gender, the number on the screen is not going to be specific to you. Enter the Polar Watch. This nifty sports gadget monitors … Continue reading Polar Watch