La Boqueria Market: Barcelona

As you all know, last month I went on a short city break to Barcelona, and if you haven't been, well I strongly suggest that you book a flight right now. Like now. I've been to Barcelona on day trips before whilst I've been in Spain with my family, but never long enough to try … Continue reading La Boqueria Market: Barcelona

Food of the Week: Pineapple

A little delayed with my latest Food of the Week post, but don't worry, it was worth the wait! Take a trip to the tropics and spice up your fruit salads with some ravishingly refreshing pineapple! Here's a little fact that I bet you didn't know: pineapple is actually the symbol of hospitality 🍍. Pineapple … Continue reading Food of the Week: Pineapple

Bootea Teatox Review

About 6 weeks ago I decided to purchase the Bootea Teatox. I'm always one for trying new things within the health and fitness industry, so thought I'd better give it a try. In the past I've tried the Your Tea Teatox, which I loved, and tasted so similar to green tea that I could drink … Continue reading Bootea Teatox Review

Food of the Week: Watermelon

When someone says 'Summer' there is one thing that I always think about: Watermelon. Not only is watermelon a summertime fruit, it's also such a good addition to your diet with a super high water content of over 91%. This colourful fruit is deliciously hydrating in the hotter months, but make sure you drink it … Continue reading Food of the Week: Watermelon

Five Hits of Happiness

Happiness - something so small and simple, but something that can bring so much joy. Being happy not only lifts you up, but also everyone around you, I mean, who wants to be around someone that's miserable all the time?! If you're feeling down because you had a cheat day, you're tired after a busy … Continue reading Five Hits of Happiness

alittlefitnessjourney Liebster Award

Happy Friday y'all! Big thanks to ashleyanchored for nominating alittlefitnessjourney for the Liebester Award! Ashley is one of our friends from across the pond with an inspiring blog based around her gluten free diet and fit lifestyle. I'm very new to this kind of thing, but am so excited to be exploring new blogs and finding people just like … Continue reading alittlefitnessjourney Liebster Award

Be Your Own Motivation

Motivation is key, and you're not the only one out there with daily struggles; whether this is lack of energy, dietary issues, food intolerances or digestive problems. There are so many people discovering new recipes to help with these diets, from gluten free to dairy free to vegan, and I love trying out all of … Continue reading Be Your Own Motivation

My Top 5 Ways to Relax

Unwinding after a busy day can be tricky, and I’m the first to admit that I used to cram so much into my days that I would still be buzzing by the time I went to bed. When I was working in London, I would spend around 3 hours a day commuting, and as soon … Continue reading My Top 5 Ways to Relax

Superfood: Red Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is one of those foods that the vast majority of us can't pronounce or spell, but whilst we might struggle with that aspect of it, we certainly don't struggle to understand just how good these little beads of delight are for us! Quinoa is growing increasingly into the superfood market everyday, and … Continue reading Superfood: Red Quinoa

My Top 10 Cupboard Staples

It's July, and nothing makes me happier than a fully stocked cupboard piled high with my favourite ingredients! It’s so hard to know what to buy, as eating healthily means that a lot of foods go off quickly because they are fresh. I always keep the fridge topped up with my favourite fruit and veg, … Continue reading My Top 10 Cupboard Staples

The Caffeine Fix

Ever since I started my placement year at OXO last June, I've since become a coffee addict and am 100% obsessed with the stuff! Whether it's an iced coffee in the summer or a warm almond milk latte in the winter, I can't get enough of my daily caffeine fix. Having Illy coffee so readily … Continue reading The Caffeine Fix

Hello Sunshine!

Well hello summer! It's taken a while but England is finally delivering the goods so long may it last. When the sun's out, I love nothing more than lacing up my trainers and taking to the outdoors. Whether it's pounding the pavements or taking a long, idyllic walk, the fresh air does great things to … Continue reading Hello Sunshine!

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club

Madeleine Shaw's Get The Glow healthy lifestyle and recipe book is one that has earned itself a place in my kitchen. Having read Madeleine's story, I spotted so many similarities in her health journey that I could relate to with my own, and before I even reached the first page, I was hooked. Working at … Continue reading Madeleine Shaw Supper Club

Smooth-ie Operator

Deciding which smoothie maker, blender or juicer to go for can be tricky right? Wrong! Over the years, I've tried so many gadgets and gismos, all of which take up so much space in the kitchen. From smoothie makers to top of the range juicers, I've tried them all, and the worst thing about them … Continue reading Smooth-ie Operator

My Post Workout Cleansing Routine

After a workout, the obvious is to grab a hot shower or a warm relaxing bath once we’ve cooled down to give ourselves a good scrub and feel refreshed post exercise. What many people tend to neglect is cleansing their face properly, which is super important after a workout because well, we sweat don’t we? … Continue reading My Post Workout Cleansing Routine