About Me


I’m Lisa, 20 years old a gym addict. I have a peanut butter obsession bordering unacceptable and a I’m a complete Topshop and Nike fanatic. At a petite 5’1, the ‘little’ in the title of my blog not only represents that it is my little step by step journey, but that I myself am equally as small. I have just finished a year working in London as the Marketing Intern of the OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie, but I’m a Bournemouth Uni girl at heart studying a BA Hons Events Management degree.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 17.11.37A vegetarian between the ages of 1-18, as University came around I faced the fact that I needed to learn to cook and eat properly in order to survive . With a little encouragement, spurred on by my very first Nandos, I soon became a regular meat-eater. Coming back to my roots in Buckinghamshire to live at home for my placement year was a big shock, but with the fridge always stocked with my favourite foods, this made life a lot easier.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with IBS which majorly affected my health and so have decided to live a gluten and dairy free lifestyle. Working in the restaurant industry over the last year and constantly being introduced to new ingredients enhanced my love of food and encouraged me to experiment, and so voila, a little fitness journey was born. I’m now putting my all into my passions: trying new recipes and working out, but most of all having fun.

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