Bootea Teatox Review

About 6 weeks ago I decided to purchase the Bootea Teatox. I’m always one for trying new things within the health and fitness industry, so thought I’d better give it a try. In the past I’ve tried the Your Tea Teatox, which I loved, and tasted so similar to green tea that I could drink a whole kettle full of the stuff! I’m going to be completely honest about the Bootea Teatox and how it worked for me, but I know that everyone is different so people might mind it better or worse than I did.

IMG_3233Bootea is a gluten free Teatox, and comes in either a 14 day or a 28 day pack, but as the 14 day was on offer I decided to double up. My first tea after I bought the Teatox was the Night Tea which you take every other day, whilst you take the Daytime Tea everyday. What I wasn’t aware of is that the Night Tea had a strong content of liquorice in the flavour, more so than I imagined, so it wasn’t the most pleasant of tastes I must say! I managed to finish my first cup but felt no different as expected in the first few days. The Daytime Tea the following morning was more flavoursome, tasting more like green tea and herbs and being much easier to drink!

The Bootea Teatox featured in the news recently with how it works regarding the contraceptive pill, as many girls were finding themselves pregnant as the Teatox counteracted their pill. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing the Teatox, and it may be the same with other brands too. One of the major factors of this is because the Night Teatox especially, works as a laxative and a cleanser of your system, therefore getting the pill out of the system before it has worked, so make sure you’re aware of these factors before you buy!

IMG_3234Whilst in some ways I felt more cleansed having completed the Teatox, I can say it wasn’t the most pleasant of tastes and I really had to force myself to drink the nighttime tea. Some of you might love liquorice and so this Teatox may be great for you, but I’m not really a fan so I’d much rather stick to my 4 to 5 cups of green tea per day! I can’t say that I felt like I had lost weight or toned up anymore than I would have without the help of the tea as I’m a very active person and go to the gym everyday, also being very careful about what I eat and sticking to a healthy diet.

These things aren’t for everyone, and everyone reacts differently to different things. I’m glad that I finished the Teatox, but it’s not something that I would do again in a hurry because you don’t get the most benefit from them.

Hope this helps! X

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