The Fitbit

It’s September! If someone could please tell me where the year has gone that would be great!

I’ve done plenty of posts about how much I love fitness; give me anything to do with fitness and I’m yours! I love nothing more than testing out all of the latest fitness gadgets, and with my Polar Watch going strong, I’d had my eye on the latest fitness accessory for a while. I give you: The fitbit.

My friends know that I’m pretty much a fitness addict, so when it came to my 21st birthday present, the girls chipped together and bought me the fitbit Flex… in pink! As soon as I’d recovered from my birthday celebrations, I couldn’t wait to set it up and get back on the fitness hype after a weekend of eating enough cake to feed my entire street and drinking Tesco dry in Champagne and Prosecco (you’re only 21 once right?!). Monday’s are my favourite day for starting a new regime, fitness accessory or new gym outfit as it keeps me motivated for the week ahead and gives me something to kick my butt into gear after a weekend off!

Setting up the fitbit was super easy and the step by step instructions made it that little bit quicker for those who aren’t quite so tech-savvy. Having set the gadget and downloaded the apps on my iPad and iPhone, I entered my weight, heigh, goal weight, target water consumption, target calories per day and my ideal number of steps to carry out. The slim, stylish design of the fitbit makes you forget that you’re even wearing it, and the waterproof function mens that you never have to take it off, even in the shower. This neat little device monitors your number of steps per day, where I try and achieve at least 10,000 (it sounds a lot but it’s not so bad!).

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 17.28.22

I find that it’s not as accurate as a Polar Watch when it comes to calories burned during a workout, as the Polar Watch includes the heart rate monitor to strap around you for a more precise reading, but it monitors your steps which the Polar Watch does not. At night, the fitbit tracks sleep quality, which I find brilliant seeing as my sleeping patterns are quite irregular, so it’s great to monitor the times I’m awake or restless in the night and when I’m getting my strongest sleep. With a built-in alarm to wake you up in the morning, there’s no excuse to miss that early morning workout and get those steps going before work! It really is one of the best motivators that I’ve come across, and the step counting can get a little addictive. You can also connect with friends that also have a fitbit, monitoring each others progress and setting a little healthy competition which could help push you to reach your goals.

The dashboard is so easy to read, and I love having it so readily available on my iPhone so I know when I need to rack up the steps and go on a run! You have to log each individual exercise as sometimes it doesn’t pick up when you’re on the go (I forgot to add my workout in here so it only picked up on 53 minutes active).

 Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 17.28.42

The fitbit is great for those who live an active lifestyle but don’t necessarily always have time to workout or exercise all the time because they can easily check their movements, calorie intake and water intake. There are plenty of other fitbit models available, ranging from extremely basic to more Hi-Tec, and they come in so many colours so you can colour co-ordinate your gym outfits like me 😉.

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