Keeping Fit on Holiday

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I’m the first to agree that holidays are a time for enjoying yourself, relaxing, and perhaps indulging a little more than normal, but indulge too much and you could be coming back it’s more than just a suntan, but a few extra pounds instead. This is easily done because how can you say no to ice cream, scrummy desserts and endless local cuisine, especially if you’re in an all inclusive resort or with little access to shops.

I recently got back from my family holiday to Cyprus, and have a few tips on how to keep healthy and fit even when you’re abroad, but still having a treat here and there!

  1. When booking a holiday, I always make one request to my parents – that we have a gym at the resort. This means that I can pop to the gym for a workout, even if it is just for 40 minutes a day. I made sure I went to the gym everyday, but that’s just my personal preference and not everyone has to do that! I loved using Kayla Itsines BBG on holiday because with only an old treadmill and cross trainer in the form of cardio, it was tricky to do any LISS. I also liked to mix it up with weight training in conjunction to BBG.
  2. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, and with so many different strokes doing wonders for every part of your body, go for it! With hot weather you’re always going to want to cool off, so every time you go for a dip, do a couple of lengths to go with it – you’ll feel much better eating that ice cream later!
  3. With the salty air and sea breeze, what better way to start the morning than with a brisk walk along the seafront?! Even if it’s just 1km, get out there and get a glow to your face and the air to your skin. It’s also a great way to take in your surroundings and explore where you’re staying!
  4. Hit the salad cart! What more could you want than fruit and vegetables on tap, pre prepared, cut and out into a delicious salad for you to just tuck in straight away! I always made sure that I stuck to my healthy meals like I do at home, opting for chicken, turkey or seafood which is big in Cyprus, and pairing it with vegetables. I’d have a fruit salad and Greek yoghurt for breakfast, the same as I have at home so as not to shock my body into eating lots of different things and flaring up my IBS – not good in a bikini! I stick to a gluten free diet 99% of the time, but sometimes gluten free treats aren’t quite as delicious as the real deal. My thoughts are if you stick to the healthy foods the majority of the time, you can help yourself to that little bit of cake, macaroon or biscuit without all the guilt! It’s all about moderation!

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