Sunday Runday

Happy Sunday! It’s been another busy weekend, and what better way to get going on a Sunday than to lace up those trainers and pound the pavements?

Running really is one of the best ways to get your body started for the day ahead, or to unwind after a busy day, and aside from the obvious weight and fat loss benefits, there are plenty of other pros to this workout – a kind that even medicine can’t provide. Going for a run can be considered as a kind of therapy, as it’s a way to be alone with your thoughts, and to pound them out of your mind through your running. As someone who struggled with moving back home from University for my placement year, I used running as my form of escapism to block out the real world and enter my running world. Whether it was a light jog through the park or a 5km run on the treadmill (I’m a fair weather runner), I always made sure that I ran a few times a week, and I still keep to that even now.

imageA run can be anything from a slow jog to an uphill run, all the way to a HIIT sprint, and boy do I love a sprint finish. High Intensity Interval Training sprints are one of my favourite ways to run, as the quick, short bursts make me feel like I’ve worked really hard in just 20 minutes.

Glowing skin, happier moods and strengthened bones, are just some of the numerous benefits of throwing on those old trainers and stretching those legs, even if it is just for a few kilometres. Building up running stamina over a period of time is a great way to see how you’ve improved, whether it’s through distance or time.

A runners legs are one of my favourite benefits – who doesn’t want lean, toned legs with strong muscles?! Strong legs will benefit you through everything in life, and even when your jeans start to get a bit tight, you now it’s only because your bum is getting better! I also use running as a tool to curb my cravings, and if I’m feeling hungry then I’ll hit the outdoors or head to the gym to fight them off.

Every Saturday morning I take part in the Wycombe Rye Parkrun, a 5km run around the local park with hundreds of participants every week. It’s never competitive like a half marathon would be, because there are people of all ages who get involved, but is an easy way to beat work on your PB week on week. After every race, they scan your barcode and text you with your time, so you can see your improvement. I’m currently sitting on around 28 minutes for a 5km run, and am working hard to build on this with regular runs on the treadmill (or outside if it’s sunny) to improve this.

It’s time for me to hit the road with a morning run before more birthday celebrations tonight. Who needs Sunday Funday when you can have Sunday Runday?!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Runday

  1. Primus Reviews- Games and Gains says:

    I’m more of Sunday sprints kinda person. I love running don’t get me wrong, but do HIIT and athletic training on Sunday just feels right!


      • Primus Reviews- Games and Gains says:

        Yeah I can see what your saying. HIIT on Mondays? I respect that. Your Mondays are probably way better than mine!


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