Cocoa Coffee Protein Shake

It’s Monday, so why not start the week off properly?!

Breakfast is the most important meal as it fuels your body for the rest of the day, but mornings can be such a rush sometimes that there’s barely enough time to scramble a few eggs. I love to do my workouts in the morning to get them out of the way, but I never want to have a heavy breakfast because I then have to wait ages before I can hit the gym. Working out on an empty stomach is never an option because it leaves me feeling weak, and I can never put in as much energy as I would like because I simply don’t have that energy to use! Protein shakes give me plenty of energy to workout and leave me feeling full until lunchtime, meaning I can kill my morning exercise regime. My current favourite is my Cocoa Coffee Protein Shake with almond butter using my Chocolate Slender Blend Protein from the Protein World Weight Loss Collection. The hint of coffee gives me that caffeine boost and the almond butter provides those healthy fats and added protein. It’s also Vegan friendly!


4 scoops Protein World Slender Blend chocolate protein powder

1 scoop defaf Clipper Organic Instant Coffee organic coffee

1tsp smooth Meridian Almond Butter

500ml Unsweetened Almond Breeze almond milk


Pour the almond milk into a protein shaker and add the 4 scoops of protein powder. Take a small scoop of coffee and add the teaspoon of almond butter. Pop the lid on and shake well. I like to leave mine in the fridge for 5-10 minutes after before drinking.

Sip slowly to fill you up. Enjoy!

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