Super Healthy Homemade Parfait

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Everyone says it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it really is! If you’re not fuelling your body for the rest of the day, you’ll just get hungry really quickly and end up snacking all day and eating a lot more than you really need. A good, healthy, balanced breakfast should consist of carbs for energy, health fats and protein to give you that balance. Mixing up breakfast everyday can be tricky, especially if you’re in a rush and then you end up having the same thing all the time which can get super boring.

This morning when I jumped out of bed, I decided to have a play around in the kitchen and make something for breakfast that not only tasted good, but looked great too. Light, fruity breakfasts are great, especially in the summer because they’re cooling, and you don’t necessarily want to be eating a plate of warm eggs when it’s 30 odd degrees outside.

This homemade granola, fruit and yoghurt parfait takes no time at all to prepare, with the granola taking the longest at 20 minutes. If you pre make a large batch, this will keep you going all week long, and then there’s no excuse not to eat breakfast! The granola provides healthy fats through the nuts, and carbs through the oats, with the yoghurt giving you protein, and the fruit providing you with sugar and energy. The topping of peanut butter just had to happen because I’m so obsessed with the stuff, but it’s also a healthy fat and great alternative to butter. Now get cracking!


40g homemade granola

1/2 banana

1 pear

10 raspberries

1 kiwi

125g Alpro peach yoghurt

1 tsp peanut butter

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.57.49Method

Slice the banana into thin slices and layer on the bottom of a jam or preserving jar (I use the 0.5 litre Kilner preserve jar). Pour the raspberries on top of the banana before taking a tablespoon full of the granola and adding it onto the raspberries. Pour half of the yoghurt onto the granola and add the kiwi and pear chopped into small pieces. Add the rest of the granola and pour the remainder of the yoghurt on top, smoothing it over at the top of the jar. Place the teaspoon of peanut butter (can be smooth or crunchy) onto the centre of the yoghurt to top it off. You can also add chia seeds or flax seed at this point to finish it off.  Grab a spoon and enjoy!

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