Snack Time: Peanut Butter

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am obsessed with peanut butter, and if it was socially acceptable to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon all day every, day I would. Meridian Peanut ButterYes, peanut butter is a fat, but it is a healthy fat, and we need healthy fats in our diet to increase energy levels. It’s also an energy packed, high protein food, and is perfect for that afternoon boost. I make sure that I buy the purest peanut butter by Meridian, made from 100% organic roasted peanuts and no other added nasties! It’s gluten free, wheat free, sugar free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, among a whole host of other free from allergens.

Peanut butter makes a great snack on anything, and you can even make your own using a food processor, roasted shelled peanuts and peanut oil which I’ll be giving a go soon, but these are just a few of my favourites to grab pre or post workout, or if I’m feeling a little peckish!

IMG_1406 Peanut butter on gluten free Kallo corn cakes or rice cakes.

– Peanut butter with apple slices.

– Peanut butter protein shake.

– Peanut butter on crudités such as carrot and celery.

– Peanut butter protein balls (recipe to follow soon).

– Peanut butter topped banana.

– Peanut butter and banana on Genius gluten free toast.IMG_1414

– Classic peanut butter gluten free sandwich.

– Or just grab a spoon and dig in, but don’t go too overboard!

Meridian also make other delicious nut butters including cashew butter, almond butter and seed butters such as pumpkin seed butter and sunflower seed butter which I’m yet to try! Need I go on about how amazing these guys are?

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