Madeleine Shaw Supper Club

Madeleine Shaw‘s Get The Glow healthy lifestyle and recipe book is one that has earned itself a place in my kitchen. Having read Madeleine’s story, I spotted so many similarities in her health journey that I could relate to with my own, and before I even reached the first page, I was hooked.

Working at the OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar & Brasserie, my food knowledge grew immensely over the year and I was trying new dishes at every opportunity that I could. The OXO Restaurant is owned by Harvey Nichols which many people are unaware of, and so it was through a newsletter email that I first heard about Madeleine’s Supper Club tour with Harvey Nichols in May. I was desperate to go to the Knightsbridge Supper Club at the Harvey Nichols 5th Floor Restaurant, and before I knew it I’d booked to go along. I’d never been to a Supper Club before, and was intrigued as to where it would lead me. The event itself was very casual, and whilst many people attended with friends, the atmosphere was so warm and friendly. I was seated on a table with the other loners, but before long we were deep in conversation over a delicious non-alcoholic fruity cocktail, chatting about our passion: food.


Get the Glow Menu

The Get The Glow menu showcased some of Madeleine’s tasty dishes, with two protein dishes, two salad dishes and a sweet treat for dessert. Each dish was shared with the person next to you, meaning that it was a great way to get talking to everyone!

To start, the Green Goddess Bowl (recipe on page 128 of her book) was a light, flavourful salad perfect for the summertime. With tastes of Dijon mustard, lime and avocado, this kick started the tastebuds for the rest of the evening! Next up was the Autumn Salad; a Mexican BBQ-grilled corn and quinoa dish with chilli salsa (page 141 in Get The Glow). The combination of the Mexican flavours with the chilli salsa gave off a delicious warmth, living up to its autumnal name.

Spicy salmon, cucumber and yoghurt

I’m not usually a big meat eater, and will only stick to chicken and turkey, but Madeleine’s Thai Beef Salad with Salt and Pepper Cashews (page 135 of the book) main managed to turn me. I’ve never eaten Thai food before because I was so fussy, but with succulent rib-eye steaks, summer flavours and a nutty texture, this dish had it all.

The final main was Spicy Salmon with Cucumber and Yoghurt (page 156). I’ve only recently become a fan of salmon, but it’s just so good for you, packed with good fats and Omega 3! This dish was super light, great for summer, and refreshingly delicious, made even better by the fact that I didn’t have to make it myself. With light smoked paprika notes embedded within the yoghurt dressing, this gave it that extra zing.

IMG_3156Now for my favourite: dessert, and a dessert isn’t a dessert without chocolate, right? On the menu was a raw cherry and chocolate fudge (recipe on page 226) with a vanilla and coconut dairy-free ice cream. Nothing beats a guilt-free dessert, so a sugar, dairy and gluten-free dessert was right up my street! The dried cherries and honey in the recipe made a great substitute to sugar, and the raw, gooey texture of the chocolate was to die for. I think this will be the first one for me to try myself, so keep your eyes peeled for pics, providing I don’t eat it all straight from the bowl!

Madeleine’s book is available here, and it will be one of the best purchases you make all month!


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