Penn 7

IMG_3575 Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there, but also thinking of those who are no longer with us today.

My Dad loves running, and if he goes a week without running a couple of 10 milers, it’s abnormal for him. As it’s Father’s Day and I’m a fitness fanatic, I agreed to run the Penn 7 with him this morning. It’s a 7 mile run around our local area, and for me, is a great way to spend time with my Dad. I love doing runs with a large number of people as it helps me to keep my pace and pushes me that little bit more, because a little competitiveness is good!

I’m not much of a runner, as I tend to get bored quite easily, and so I’ll usually just stick to 5km either on the treadmill or the weekly park run in my local area. IMG_3573Unfortunately for me, I live around an awful lot of hills, so what goes down must come back up! I knew this was going to be a challenge, but I was ready to hit it head on, and I just kept thinking of the glutes and bum toning. For me, I have to run with music in as it helps me to keep my pace and distract me from running. If you think about exercise too much whilst you’re doing it, you’ll start to lose your rhythm.

The first mile or so were pretty painless, and then the hills began to roll. The community spirit was amazing, with families outside their houses cheering on the runners, clapping, handing out water and one boy was even out with his hosepipe to cool us off! With the sun on our sideIMG_3578, although I would have preferred some typical English weather to cool me off a bit, I finished the race in 1 hour 13 minutes 42 seconds which I’m proud of given the number of hills that I had to face. My fabulous Dad did it in 53 minutes, so I guess that’s my time to beat next year. It’s now time to stretch it out and cook myself a post run lunch of turkey and veg to get my energy levels going again. I’ll also be tending to my sore feet (a foot massage is just what I need right now) and spend the rest of the day with my lovely Dad. Happy Sunday!

Now,  where’s the chocolate?!

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