As I used to be a vegetarian, I would always get the majority of my protein from eggs, but I only really liked the yolk when eating it as dippy egg and soldiers! This meant that I wasn’t actually getting the full benefit of the egg as I should have been, because the actual protein is in the white. I find it’s so much hassle trying to separate eggs, that I used to just bung them all in together but, behold, the answer is right here. I have recently discovered this nifty little carton ‘Two Chicks’, made up of 15 egg whites, and making life a hell of a lot easier. With no fat and cholesterol, this little gem will keep you fit and healthy no matter what you pair it with. Whether it’s egg white frittatas, protein pancakes or omelettes, this creation allows you to get the best and healthiest part of the egg without having to fiddle around with the separating malarkey, ending up with both the shell and yolk in your egg whites which is not what you hoped for!

Keep up the protein and let’s get lean! 

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