Polar Watch

There’s nothing worse than getting into a hardcore workout and not knowing how many calories you’ve burned. Sure, the cardio machines have built in calorie counters, but unless you can enter your exact weight/height/age/gender, the number on the screen is not going to be specific to you.

Enter the Polar Watch.

This nifty sports gadget monitors your heart rate and accurately measures the calories you burn throughout your workout. The great thing about this is that it monitors when you are carrying out all types of training; resistance, plyometric, weight, HIIT and LISS, which really helps me when setting goals, and I can see how successful my workout has been. I aim to burn a minimum of 500 calories per workout, as this is what’s right for my body. If I’m feeling a little under the weather, I’ll drop this to around 300 calories of light exercise, because anything is better than nothing!

The best thing about it? It’s pink!
Mine is available here. X

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